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Everything we do at Appenin Cabinets is rooted in our commitment to offering quality custom storage solutions that help people become better versions of themselves with more time and space to focus on what matters most. We believe exceptional design transforms people's lives. We see a home as more than a place; it is a source of comfort and refuge, a space for connection and celebration.


At the heart of Appenin Cabinets' commitment to excellence lies the factory, a technological marvel that powers our creation. The facility contains the latest advancements in robotics, and manufacturing technology is the cornerstone of our ability to create the extraordinary. This advanced automation not only enhances efficiency but also ensures precision and consistency in every detail of our cabinetry. With Appenin Cabinets, you can trust that every piece of cabinetry that graces your space is a testament to our unwavering dedication to perfection, from the heart of the production facility to your home.

Appenin Cabinets Factory Automation
Appenin Cabinets Factory
Appenin Cabinets Warehouse


Appenin has always been committed to reducing the environmental impact generated by its production sites. The wood used for all Appenin Cabinets complies with the standards set by California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase Il.

Carb Free Appenin Cabinets
FSc Appenin Cabinets
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